Why do I teach non-sales people how to sell?

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Because I truly believe that everyone CAN sell. And, much more importantly, that we all need to sell to be successful.

"Some 1 in 9 workers earns a living trying to get others to make a purchase. More startling, though is what’s happened to the other 8 in 9. They’re in sales, too. They’re not stalking customers in a furniture showroom, but they—make that we—are engaged in what I call ‘non-sales selling.’ We’re persuading, convincing, and influencing others to give up something they’ve got in exchange for what we’ve got."

Daniel Pink, To Sell is Human

What makes me a good sales trainer and coach?

I’m a communicator at heart; sharing, listening, and building relationships are what I do instinctively. Especially the listening.

But 20 years of practicing sales and marketing across a range of consumer and business industries around the globe, in-house and as a consultant, means I understand business and the importance of revenue generation. You know sales when you've been trained by those giant household names, Xerox and McDonald's!


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