Conversion, Conversion, Conversion or What's a Landing Page and Why Do I Need One?

We've been talking about how to increase revenue; everything from consistently feeding the pipeline to lead generation to linking business goals to ROI. But we haven't talked yet about connecting marketing with sales. Intuitively we all know that marketing should lead to sales, but how exactly? I'll let you in on a little secret.

Landing pages.

Coming back into the marketing world after some time away I heard this term 'landing pages' bandied about and wondered what it could possibly be referring to. A quick search turned up a wholly new (to me) industry based around inbound marketing and something called landing pages. Turns out I already knew what they were since I, like virtually everyone in the Western world, had become a savvy online shopper. 

I'm sure you can agree that the whole sales process has shifted to customer led research and education online long before any 'salesperson' becomes involved. And the way these prospective customers are being converted into actual paying customers is through landing pages. You know, those ones that have you fill in your email address to receive an e book chock full of things you are actually interested in. Or those ones that have you enter your email address to receive coupons and sale notices via email. These are both examples of landing pages. Unbounce, one of the major players in the inbound marketing world has an excellent explanation of the two different types of landing pages and why you would use them in this blog post.

So are landing pages necessary? In a word, YES. This is how you integrate your marketing efforts with your sales efforts. And how you analyze and evaluate which of your marketing efforts are leading to sales conversions.

And this may also be where small businesses have advantages over larger ones. You may not be able to afford a sophisticated marketing or email system like Marketo, but you likely have day to day control over your website. And the ability to create landing pages quickly from your web provider's templates. High five! You're on your way to crafting landing pages that will help you convert interested prospects into paying customers.

So now you just need to make sure you've got all the elements for a successful landing page and you've optimized it for search engines. The CTA is key. Don't forget a compelling Call to Action!  If you have the ability to create pages that are not part of your site's navigation and you've considered your messaging, your design and your CTA, you're away.

Good luck! And let me know how it turns out. You'll definitely find some of your landing pages are more successful than others.