Amplification - the stealthy revolution

I see a quiet revolution beginning. And its success is necessarily dependent upon its stealth. But since it’s been practiced in the highest places in the land with fantastical results, I stand before you today to recruit more volunteers to the cause.

What is this revolution, you may well ask? Amplification.

Women stealthily agreeing to support each other. Women standing up for each other. Women working together to get their ideas heard.

And it works.

At least it did in the White House. And if it can work there, in that bastion of male domination, it can work in any environment.

What’s the secret to this stealthy revolution? Women having the courage to share their ideas knowing that another woman will back her up. And, hey presto, suddenly a woman’s idea is on the table openly being acknowledged and debated.

It’s simple, and as the women on Obama’s staff discovered, it really works.

We’ve long known that women are shut down in the workplace, partly because we just aren’t ‘loud’ enough and partly because we have tried to behave like men in order to get ahead. But it turns out that if we just agree to support each other, we suddenly have more influence. We’re listened to. And we get credit for our ideas.

No more #bropropriating. No more #mansplaining. Both words which make me giggle, even while I cringe. Because we all know this is how it has worked in the past. But not anymore!

So here’s my rallying cry to all women out there: let’s support each other and give credit where credit’s due.

Get yourself involved in some of the awesomely supportive women’s business groups out there: I’ve mentioned The Biz Chix and the Women’s Business Garden before; the Facebook group Empowering Women in Business is one I just discovered; also check out Sheryl Sandberg’s (so inspiring!) and your local chapter of whatever your industry’s women’s business group is.

I love the idea of being involved in a stealth revolution! Let's do it together.