Socializing with your Landing Pages

In a previous post I talked about how landing pages are now an absolutely critical component of the sales funnel, with an entire industry built upon them. While researching that article I came across something called ‘social landing pages’. Which intrigued me a great deal.

Further research turned up some very different interpretations of what social landing pages really are; linking from social media to landing pages and vice versa, and much more interestingly, integrating ‘social’ directly into a landing page.  I feel like the first is a no-brainer component of any comprehensive communications plan, but the second is definitely something new.

In this social world we live in, it has been argued that user generated content carries much more weight than brand generated content. And if you’re trying to persuade and direct consumer action, doesn’t this seem like the obvious answer to driving conversion?

The folks at Unboxed seem to think so. At least for B2C applications. They’ve created a platform that allows user generated social content to be embedded directly into landing pages. And apparently they’ve taken the pet food industry by storm. If you’re shopping for premium pet food and the landing page you arrive at contains photos uploaded from customers of their pets literally rolling about in said pet food, aren’t you going to feel more inclined to purchase this brand than the one that just gives you a tip about how much healthier your pet’s coat will look? It’s like a cross between a landing page, a social portal and a testimonial page, but one that drives conversions to unprecedented levels.

Unboxed's illustration of traditional vs social landing pages

Unboxed's illustration of traditional vs social landing pages

They’re also collecting reviews from ‘unboxers’, influencers, bloggers et. al. who are willing to ‘unbox’ products and do video reviews. Which brings in another element of user generated/social content.

Seems to me that this is definitely the way of the future. I shall be interestedly following to see if Unboxed becomes the next Unbounce.