Your Fortune is in Your Follow Up

Today's post is courtesy of Lisa Shaughnessy of inkerB Consulting LLC. Take it away Lisa!


You’re spending money on Facebook ads, hitting all of the local networking events, posting like crazy in all of the Facebook groups you belong to, filling your strategy/clarity calls, and signing up people left and right for your fabulous email opt-in.

Yet, something is missing.

People are aware of you, your business, and what you offer; but they're not becoming clients. And you don’t know why. And you’re beyond frustrated.

How do I know? Because we’ve all been there, including me! In fact, I’ve yet to run into a small business owner who hasn’t experienced this. We can be so focused on what we want to accomplish that we don’t always think about how it’s being received.

Why They’re Not Becoming Clients

There could be many reasons that someone doesn’t become a client. Maybe what you offer isn’t a good fit for them, or the price wasn’t right. But, that may not be the whole story. You may be trying to push too quickly for the sale. Or you may not be clearly explaining the value you bring.

The Key to Turning It Around

Fortunately, a few simple changes to how you’re following up can turn things around. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your follow up messages:

1. Use the information you have, or can easily find, to create a personalized message.

2. Remember, it’s not about you, your needs, or what you want. Think how you can help or add value to the person you’re talking with.

3. Use short, concise paragraphs and bullet points in emails and social media posts.

4. Use calls to action that guide them to the next logical step – free (webinar, email opt-in, Facebook group) or paid – depending on where they are in the sales cycle.

Follow Up Templates

I’ve included a few Follow Up templates below that can be tailored for email, phone, or social media. Use these as a starting point, but please edit them so they make sense for you, your business, and your potential clients.

Use the greeting and sign off that feels most comfortable for you, and personalize them with your voice and style.

Networking Follow Up

Make it a practice to follow-up within 24 hours following an event. They’re more likely to remember you with the event still fresh in their minds.  While this is shown as a “potential client” email, it can be used for other purposes such as building a relationship.

Hi Kathy,

It was nice meeting you at the [Event Name]. I’d love to learn more about your business and who you help.  

Are you available to chat in the next two weeks? We could do phone or meet in person. I’m available [enter 3 dates and times]. Let me know which works best for you and we can sort out where to meet afterwards.

I’m looking forward to learning more about you and your business!



Strategy Call Follow Up

Once you’ve had your strategy/discovery/clarity call with a potential client you’ll need to follow up. This example can be used at the end of the strategy call or in a follow up email if they didn’t commit to working with you on the call. Use some or all of this template depending on your feel for the person and what you talked about. You could use some of it now and the rest on the next follow up message.

Hi Mary,

I enjoyed our strategy call today. I’m so glad to hear that you [made, had, discovered, etc.] on [insert something positive or an action item she got from the call]. I’m always happy when someone walks away from a strategy session with something they can use immediately.

[Add more personalized details about the person or their business in the second paragraph]

Following up on what we discussed, what do you feel are the next steps you’d like to take with me? The options I have available right now are:

1.      Option 1 with link or 1 sentence detail [include price only if you want]

2.      Option 2 with link or 1 sentence detail [include price only if you want]

3.      Option 3 with link or 1 sentence detail [include price only if you want]

Based on what we talked about and [add anything relevant], I think that Option X would best fit your needs because [explain why]. I think we could really accomplish a lot together!

Please let me know if you’d like to move forward or if you have any questions before making a final decision.


Website Contact Form (Ready to Buy) Follow Up

Tailor this if someone contacts you directly through email, or a social network site ready to buy.

Hi Erin,

I received your message through [my website contact form, email, LinkedIn, etc]. Thank you for [use this sentence to reference anything the person said when they reached out].

You noted that you’d be interested in [x product/service]. I have three options for that. I looked at your website and business social media to see what would probably be the best fit for you. Here is my recommendation [explain why and link to product/service].

Here’s a link to my testimonials [add link] as well so you get a feel for how others have used it and the results they’ve seen.  If you’d like to set up a time to talk about this further and allow me to answer any questions, please use this link to schedule a 30-minute call [add scheduling link].

I look forward to chatting with you about how we can work together!


Website Contact Form (Need More Info) Follow Up

Tailor this one if someone contacts you directly through email, or a social network site looking for more information.

Hi Erin,

I received your message through [my website contact form, email, LinkedIn, etc.]. Thank you for [use this sentence to reference anything the person said when they reached out].

Thank you for sharing your biggest challenge, [use her words] [edit the sentence start if necessary and insert more info]. I know how frustrating that can be. I’m so glad that you contacted me about it though, because I have a great free resource that I think will help you. [link to your free 5-day challenge, Facebook group, or free PDF that doesn’t require an opt-in]. This [explain in detail how it will help them].

Please let me know if you have any questions about the information I’ve sent.

I look forward to hearing how it worked out for you!



Follow Up Messages Makeover

Look at your current follow up messaging and see where you can improve. Effective follow up messages will show potential clients that you’ll add value and provide the solution they need to fill a gap, address a problem, or make something better.


About Lisa Shaughnessy

Lisa Shaughnessy is the founder of inkerB Consulting LLC. Through her site Create Follow Up Messages, she offers 1:1 consulting, workshops, and seminars to help small business owners and team members confidently follow up to gain and retain clients, and increase repeat business. Lisa’s signature program, Follow Up Like A Boss, has garnered praise from small businesses from a variety of industries for the innovative way she approaches following up. Using personal, conversational, and invitational phrases are a hallmark of her Follow Up system. When she’s not helping small businesses reach their full potential, Lisa loves to travel, golf, and hang out with her husband, family, and friends.