The Key to Sales is . . . Conversations

There are countless experts out there selling you a system that will help you get rich quick. Or so it seems. How many people do you know who are really pulling in six figures of passive income? That’s what I thought. Because money really doesn’t grow on trees and there’s usually a correlation between effort and earnings. Or so I tell my school age children.

So what’s a gal to do if she’s got a great idea, provides a fantastic service that fills a need in the market, but just doesn’t feel comfortable ‘selling’?

It's All About the Conversations

She needs to have conversations. It really is as simple as that. Because the key to selling is conversations. Directed, and with a purpose, but simply conversations.

If you start with the assumption that you provide a service that has value, then you already know you can provide the right solution for the right customer. And chances are, you’re pretty passionate about how your service can help your ideal customer. For you, selling that service should be easy peasy. You’ll discover through a friendly conversation with a prospective customer that you’ll identify what her issues are and how your service can solve them. Then you fine tune your solution, and voila! Now you not only have a new customer, but you’re a bona fide saleswoman too. See how easy that was?

Selling is More About Listening and Less About 'The Sales Pitch'

If you work on the basis that you aren’t making ‘a sales call’, but simply having a conversation with someone who may or may not become a client, your whole demeanor will alter; you’ll relax, your breathing will slow, and you’ll find yourself talking with an interesting person. And when you LISTEN (yes, all in caps – more on that in another post) you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. Put the two together, with a little direction and an ultimate purpose, and you’ll suddenly find that your ordinary conversations will become extraordinary sales opportunities.

You’ll need to practice your thoughtful qualifying questions, and you’ll need to always remember that you are looking for ways to solve potential client’s problems, ie. make a sale, but if the way you do that is through a pleasant conversation, suddenly sales isn’t such a slimy/sleazy/scary (delete as applicable) prospect. You’re providing a service that solves a problem or an issue for someone. That’s a valuable and a useful thing and nothing to be afraid or ashamed of.

Because without sales, you don’t really have a business. And that does make it difficult to be an entrepreneur.

Remember this: if you can have a conversation, you can sell. And if you’re still having a hard time picking up the phone or asking for business at the end of your conversation, you can always call me. We’ll develop your qualifying questions and practice your directed conversations until you feel confident you can do it.

Workshops That Might Help

I run workshops on sales and selling in the DC Metro area throughout the year. Check the schedule here.

Now go. Sell. Be successful.