For Business Owners Only – The NEW Definition of Sales

The times we live in; over-advertised and informationally overloaded. Our brains take in so much information every day that our attention spans are apparently now lower than goldfish. And while that statistic is rather incredible, we can all attest to the sheer amount of information we are required to process just to get through our day.

So what does this have to do with sales, selling and your success as a business owner? A great deal actually.

We are no longer passive consumers that will believe whatever advertisers and brands want us to. Long gone are the days when consumers would take the time to read pages of advertising copy in a print ad. And even though television advertising continues to be a huge portion of media spend and an economic force in its own right, we are no longer paying attention.

‘Selling’ has become even more important. The good old-fashioned kind, ironically. It’s about value. It’s about providing a product or service that helps your customer solve a problem. And it’s about human connection.

Selling shouldn’t be a dirty word any longer. Precisely the opposite in fact. If you think about major purchases that you’ve made in the last year, you most likely had the assistance of someone knowledgeable about that product or service, someone who took the time to understand you and the issue you were facing, and someone who established your priorities for solving the problem. That’s selling. Sure there is an exchange of goods or services for an amount of money or its equivalent (selling as defined by, but at the heart of it selling is people helping people solve problems.

So what’s new here? If selling is really a service, helping people solve problems, then selling can’t really be slimy or sleazy. Selling has gotten a bad rap because of bad salespeople. But good salespeople, the ones who are helping us make purchases that solve issues we have, are worth their weight in gold. Ask any man who has tried to find his way around a lingerie store at Christmas time.

What does that mean for business owners? It means you, and your team, need to shift your mind set around sales. When you believe that your product or service is truly fulfilling the need of the right customer your whole attitude and approach to selling changes. And I guarantee you’ll make more sales. Which is a good thing, because you can’t grow or maintain a business without sales.