The 4 Factors for Sales Success

Over the last month or so I've been writing about the four things YOU can directly influence to improve your sales revenue. But it's been summer, and you might have missed one or two while spending time at the beach, or some beautiful European city, or wherever your travels took you.

Not to worry, as here they all are summarized in this handy visual guide. There's also a clickable version so you can access the original posts.

4 Factors for Sales Growth.jpg

Compelling Questions Make the Difference in Sales

You may have noticed that there is a common theme here; your questioning technique is what makes the biggest difference to your sales revenue when applied with these four factors in mind. And that is something that can only be developed with practice.

Role play is critical to developing sales skills, and sales confidence. Practicing your questioning technique in a 'safe' environment that won't actually impact your bottom line or cause you or your company undue embarrassment is really the most effective way for you to improve sales revenues.

By learning how to ask the right questions (to better identify the right prospects, to better quality those prospects, and to better understand their needs), you'll be well on your way to continued and sustained sales growth.

The Sales Growth Series

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Let's go win you some more business!