Want to increase sales? Improve your customer service.

Sometimes the solution is so simple we feel the need to complicate it.

There is such a deep, elemental connection between marketing, sales and service that we find ourselves needing to divide them, purchase and implement tools for each one of them, and hire people in different departments to manage them.

But isn’t it really about providing a solution to a problem that delights your customer? Because funnily enough, when you do this, well, and often, your marketing takes care of itself, your sales are simplified, and your revenues rise.

Delighting the Customer Increases Sales Exponentially

Think about your own experiences with companies both large and small. When you’ve found a solution that solves your problem, you’re satisfied. But what happens when you have a solution and you’ve been delighted by the experience? I’m guessing you’re like most people and you tell all your friends. And you might even post something on social media to tell all your friends which tells all of THEIR friends. Suddenly that experience has become an exponential recommendation for the business that delighted you. From a trusted source no less.

This happened to me today. I recently purchased an expensive item that needs to fit exactly right. And after wearing it several times I realized that it didn't fit. Uncertain whether I was going to be able to return said item after it had been worn, I took it along with me to the store where not only was I able to confirm that it didn’t fit quite right, but to exchange it for the correct size. The service was entirely focused on me, and I was delighted by the positive resolution to a problem I thought was going to be an expensive waste of money. What do you think I’m going to tell my friends?

Service is the Fastest Way to More Profit

When you provide outstanding service that delights your customer, you’ve just gained yourself additional customers without any additional effort. Sure, you’ve invested in marketing and sales to convert that customer the first time, but when they recommend or refer you to additional potential customers how much did that cost you? Plus, your customer is undoubtedly going to return to you for additional purchases. Seems like a pretty good way to fill the pipeline!

Selling is Service. And Service is Selling.

When your sales process, your sales team, and your company ethos are focused on delighting the customer, I think you’ll find yourself caught in a enviable spiral of increasing sales supported by decreasing customer acquisition costs. And who doesn’t want that?

So next time you find yourself wanting to spend a great deal of money on the latest marketing trend, or invest in expensive sales lead software, ask yourself first if you are delighting your customers. Because you might just be able to save your money. Invest in some sales and customer service training instead.