Rapport Through Relationships

Today’s guest post is from Jason Linett, a speaker, author and hypnotic success coach. Why is he contributing to a sales blog? Because in his own work he’s discovered the importance of rapport and how it manifests throughout relationships, business or otherwise. Over to Jason . . .

Imagine this...

It's the year 2003, and there was a girl on my college campus that I had a crush on. Would things have gone well if I walked up to her and said, "You and I are going to have children."

Probably not.

Or would it have? We've been together for almost fifteen years and are now married with two children. Given her sense of humor, we might have married sooner had I gone for the "creepy" approach.

This is a classic story of two people meeting and falling in love. And this is a story you should have in mind as you think about your business. More on that later.

Another personal anecdote. I recently spoke at two trade conventions which invited me to have a table in the exhibit hall as well. I was selling digital-access to online training communities. I tested a new strategy: a higher price and upgraded delivery system. The result? I experienced my highest product sales ever at an event. As I analyzed the sales further, I discovered the real secret to the success.

The overwhelming majority of my buyers had already built a rapport with me. There were very few "new emails" in my system. These buyers had requested free resources from my websites, attended my talks, or had been watching my videos online for years. This is basic lead generation marketing. The seeds were planted years before, and they just recently sprouted.

The "courtship" process had begun long before they walked up to my vendor table.

As I speak to organizations both large and small, I share that it's important sometimes to focus on your "long game." To extend the metaphor from my opening story, too many businesses are trying to consummate marriage on the first date.

Potential clients often need to interact with you in various formats before they're comfortable buying your services. This is the value of content marketing, whether it's writing articles, shooting videos, or sharing valuable resources on your website.

Rapport is a process. It's a fluid, moving experience, rather than a single one-time event. My TEDx presentation on "Rethinking Rapport" covered those strategies that go beyond the old-school "trick your client to like you" methods that were popular years ago.

Connect with the desired outcome of your client, and then bring them along for the ride.

Rapport is most often discussed as a connection to other people, though consider the rapport you have with yourself. As you address your own business or even personal goals, you often find that you're the most successful as you get in better sync with the process of achieving that outcome. Enjoy the journey getting there just as much as you plan to enjoy the results.

The focus of helping my personal clients is what's called "generative change." It's not just about helping someone release a fear. It's about helping them transform their experience to not only let go of their anxieties around public speaking, but also become excited and more effective as a speaker for example.

It's a similar story for those who see me for smoking cessation. It's not just about eliminating cigarettes. It's about creating that stronger relationship with themselves as a nonsmoker who now has control of their health and their life.

Allow yourself to briefly observe your current relationships from a different perspective. What experiences can you begin to create that will benefit both sides in the long run? By shifting the question to "what can I give them" rather than "what can I sell them," we create a business model of raving fans rather than lifelong dependents.

Take this same thinking into your personal goals. What actions can you take now to better enjoy the journey?

What if every reason you couldn't would now become every reason you could?

Jason Linett is an expert at helping organizations and the people within them create powerful change and sharpen their strategies.

As a speaker, author, and hypnotist, Jason has put in more than fifteen years of professional study and on-the-job experience tracking how top performers in many industries achieve astounding results.

In his incredibly entertaining presentations, he shows you how top performers achieve the unthinkable … and how YOU can put the same scientific principles to work in your business and personal life.

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