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What's Love Got to Do With It Anyway? The Emotions of Selling

We all like to think we make decisions in a calm, rational manner, weighing the pros and cons. Not so! More and more science is proving that it really is all about the emotions. Here's how you can use emotions to be more successful in sales.

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The Sales Growth Series (Part 3) - Increasing Average Sales Value is Like a Picnic

In Part 3 of the Sales Growth Series The Stylish Marketer discusses increasing average sales value. This is where you, as the saleperson, have the most opportunity to impact your eventual revenue. Not surprisingly, your questioning technique makes all the difference.

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The Secret to Selling Success

Can you stumble upon the secret to selling success? When it comes from a genuine desire to make things better, absolutely. Meet Barbara Kornbluh, a woman business owner who found she had the secret to selling success all along.

Here's what we can all learn from her.

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Top 6 Tips for a Woman Selling in a Man’s World

Selling can be a tough job, with some believing a thick skin is your most important qualification. But as Meghan Gonzalez pointed out in our interview for this post, it's more about making yourself heard and believing in yourself.

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