The Top 3 Reasons Introverts Find More Sales Success

The key to finding success in business? Serving. Being deeply, and genuinely vested in helping a customer overcome a challenge.

How do you do that well?

1. Ask questions

2. Observe

3. Listen

This doesn’t sound like the most gregarious person in the room . . .

We’ve grown accustomed to the stereotype that a salesperson is fast talking, doesn’t listen, and won’t take no for an answer.

But how many of us would choose to buy from a salesperson like this when we could choose to buy from someone who asked us thoughtful questions and listened to the answers? Someone who was truly interested in helping us solve our problems?

Introverted Traits Lead to Sales Success

Some of those traits and skills more often associated with introverted people can make ‘selling’ much more successful.

That’s not to say that extroverted people can’t ask questions, observe and listen well, just that introverted people seem to come by it more naturally.

Deflecting Attention Naturally Leads to Customer Focus

When you are a quiet person you really don’t like attention focused on you. So you deflect it by asking questions. And you really, truly listen to the answers. Because that keeps the attention away from you. You’re also very practiced at observing, again because you prefer to hang back rather than jump right in.

And since most people, when directly asked, are happy to share details about their businesses, a couple of thoughtful questions combined with real listening allows you to discover all sorts of things that can be helpful to you in your quest to assist.

What’s more, the person you’re talking to is also deeply appreciative of your listening. Because too many people don’t do this well, and human beings have a fundamental need to be heard.

Introverts May Make Better Salespeople

What’s interesting is how many quieter people are shocked to discover that they may in fact be more successful in client relationship development than a more outgoing person.

They have been going about their quiet lives thinking that they can’t ‘sell’, in this case, build business, because they’re introverted. But I think just being aware that their innate skills are those that more often correspond with success in selling will lead to more success. A quiet sales confidence will go such a long way!

Selling Skills Can be Learned

The key here? It’s always about the client and helping them find a solution to a problem.

And for everyone who needs to be successful building business, the ability to ask questions and listen well is a skill that can be learned, and practiced, regardless of your natural inclination towards introversion or extroversion.