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5 Reasons to Review your Sales Numbers

It’s my experience that most businesses don’t really know their sales numbers. Sure, there is lots of technology out there to provide that information in reports, but it’s often not used the way it’s intended.

True, we generally have a pretty good feel for what’s happening in our businesses. But when we really look at the numbers, most of us are probably more surprised than we thought we would be.

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The Importance of the Shipping (oops, Sales!) Forecast

When was the last time you took a good look at your sales numbers? And perhaps forecast revenues for the next quarter, or even the next financial year?

I've created a sales projection worksheet for you to fill in with your estimated average sales, number of clients and conversion rates that will show you in black and white where you need to target your sales efforts.

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Sales Growth Series Part 4 – Reeling in the Business

The final post in the Sales Growth Series - shortening the sales cycle is not always down to you, but if you don't know your customer's budget year and purchasing cycles, chances are your sales cycles may be dragging on and on and on.

Here's how to shorten them, and win more business for you.

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The Sales Growth Series (Part 3) - Increasing Average Sales Value is Like a Picnic

In Part 3 of the Sales Growth Series The Stylish Marketer discusses increasing average sales value. This is where you, as the saleperson, have the most opportunity to impact your eventual revenue. Not surprisingly, your questioning technique makes all the difference.

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The Sales Growth Series – Improve your Conversion Rates for Sustained Sales Growth

There are four aspects to selling that you, as a salesperson, can directly impact. In Part 1 of the four-part Sales Growth Series, The Stylish Marketer shows you how to improve your sales conversion rate.

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The Secret to Selling Success

Can you stumble upon the secret to selling success? When it comes from a genuine desire to make things better, absolutely. Meet Barbara Kornbluh, a woman business owner who found she had the secret to selling success all along.

Here's what we can all learn from her.

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