Kim created a series of workshops for us that were independent enough to provide nuggets of learning in each session yet come together as a cohesive program. What impressed me the most was how Kim so quickly grasped our business and was able to tailor her training sessions to my team’s needs. Everyone was able to take away something they could apply to their specific day to day situation.

Kim’s philosophy about how service and sales are connected meshes well with what we do; building custom homes is a highly personal, highly emotional and intense customer experience!
— Jennifer Landers, NDI

Retain More Clients and Increase Profitability

Finding the Revenue Hidden in Plain Sight

When sales growth slows most companies invest more resources in their sales teams. The savvy ones invest in their account management and client servicing employees. Because they know that generating more business from existing clients doesn’t just increase revenue, it’s more profitable too. It’s the business trifecta everyone seeks: increased client retention, increased sales and lower costs of acquisition.

No, your account managers aren’t salespeople, nor should they be. But they are in front of your clients every day. And when you teach them how to look for new opportunities and how to ask for additional business as well as referrals, you’ve created a whole new potential pipeline without the accompanying acquisition costs.

Is This Yet Another Sales Methodology? 

We’re not talking about turning your account people into salespeople. You already have a sales team. My program will show your client services people how to engage with clients beyond their day to day work, how to uncover potential new business, and how to ask for referrals, in language that is comfortable for both sides. We’ll make sure there’s a clear and understandable process for how to handle any identified opportunities, and we’ll role play and practice until everyone is ready to find more potential sales.

We won’t stop there though. Every workshop participant will have two additional role play sessions to further reinforce their new skills and hone their relationship development techniques. Plus, they’ll receive ongoing tips for connecting to clients direct to their inboxes.