I just wanted to let you know how great yesterday’s workshop was. It really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about sales, and I now have a better sense of how to structure my conversations with potential clients. I am going to set some time aside in the next week to develop (and practice) some language and techniques that incorporate the principals you taught, but that also fit within my comfort zone.
— Alex Suchman, AIS Collaborations

You and your team are really good at what you do. But you just aren’t seeing the sales growth you should.

When you’re an expert in your professional skill area it feels like clients should come flocking to your door. But business success relies on more than just technical expertise; you need sales skills to convert prospects into clients.

Many of your team (maybe even you!) have told you they can’t sell. Or worse, they don’t believe selling is part of their job role. Tough to overcome, right?   

It’s frustrating when your marketing program is generating a lot of interest, but you can’t seem to convert leads into new clients.

Sales training for your non-sales people will increase your conversion rates.

My in-house sales training programs will help your team overcome these sales confidence challenges in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

You and your team will learn that selling is really about connection. Then I’ll show you how to convert those connections into sales.

Together we’ll define the words that will engage your prospective customers, craft compelling questions for your sales conversations, and role play and practice until everyone is ready to win more business with confidence and assurance. You’ll be able to convert more leads into clients right away.

We won’t stop there though. Every workshop participant will have two additional role play sessions to further reinforce their new skills and hone their questioning technique. Plus, they’ll receive ongoing sales confidence boosting tips direct to their inboxes.