You probably don’t feel comfortable selling and you definitely wouldn't call yourself as a ‘salesperson,' yet you are responsible for building business and winning new client accounts.

Or perhaps you've had some sales success, but have reached a plateau. You know you need to improve your skills to continue growing your business.

Your business success depends on your sales success.

  • My programs have been developed specifically for women, by me, a ‘nice’, down to earth woman. Nothing sleazy, slimy or aggressive here!

  •  We work face to face to get real results. Not another online course! We role play and practice in real time, together.

  •  Good lead generation is a prerequisite for successful selling. I can help you identify how to improve your marketing program.


I hold sales focused workshops in the DC Metro area, often in collaboration with some other fantastic women supporting women.


Your predominantly female sales team is lacking sales skills and confidence, and that's impacting your bottom line. My in-person programs are designed with women in mind, and they deliver real results.


My sales coaching packages for entrepreneurs provide tangible take-aways for you to use in sales conversations, plus the sales confidence you need to succeed.

Let’s go win some business!

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