I brought Kim in to work with our schedulers and a couple of our home site technicians after I realized that her views on sales and customer service aligned with what we believe at Rooftop. She developed three customized sessions to accommodate the different levels of experience and different sales focus for both groups, as well as specific material that we’ll be able to use for future hires. Our team is not only fully engaged and excited to continue to develop their skills, but we’ve already seen an increased conversion rate in scheduled inspections.
— Andy Raycroft , Rooftop Chimney Sweeps

Increase Revenue, Repeat Business and Referrals

Every employee is a salesperson. They just don't know it!

Your employees are talking to customers and potential customers all the time. And every interaction with your company is being evaluated by buyers. How effective is your front-line sales team?

You probably have a sales team whose sole job is to win new business. And they’ve probably been trained in sales skills. But what about the employees answering the phone, providing  your service and handling customer enquiries? Aren’t they all contributing to the whole customer experience?

They probably know 'the customer is always right', and maybe even that their main focus is to serve the customer, but how good are they at identifying and qualifying new business? Or selling value? Are they actively looking for ways to increase sales revenue and doing everything they possibly can to ensure repeat business and client referrals?  

Train your customer facing employees in basic sales skills and you’ll not only help them understand the importance of their role in your company’s success, but you’ll see evidence of that success yourself.

Service is sales.

My non-sales training programs for customer facing employees link service to sales revenue, with a particular emphasis on the connection to repeat business and referrals.

I’ll equip your team with basic sales skills in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. First we’ll dispel the notion that sales is 'slimy', then we’ll talk about what selling really is - and why it's so important that every single employee adopts this mindset.

A hybrid of sales and customer service skills development, your team will learn how to develop instant rapport, create and maintain positive first impressions, qualify quickly and identify opportunities to 'sell' the company. You’ll get increased revenue, repeat business and referrals.