Have you had some business success but are frustrated at how slowly your service based business is growing?

I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs who just aren't achieving their sales targets.

Sales Assessment

An evaluation of your four sales metrics: average sales value, total sales numbers, conversation rates and sales cycle length is usually very illuminating. When combined with recommendations from me on how to improve at least one of these metrics, you'll begin to see growth where you hadn't previously.

Small Group or Individual Role Play

We'll review your selling mindset and the connection between service and sales, then we'll look at specific client scenarios; selecting the right words and phrases that will resonate with customers. Then we’ll role play and practice real life scenarios until every participant is 100% comfortable qualifying with questions, asking for business and overcoming objections.

I'll task your team to put their new skills into practice, and then we'll review and make further recommendations after 'field testing'. We might add in some accountability too, since new found sales skills aren't always easily adopted.

Now watch your sales numbers rise!