Connection is human currency. We need it to survive, and thrive.


And when you proactively take steps to connect with clients, that human connection realizes a solid business benefit.

There is nothing that energizes me more than showing people how to kindle that connection through compelling questions and active conversations. Using my skills and expertise to help people succeed personally and professionally is an amazing experience I can’t wait to repeat every day.

The Perfect Complement of Sales and Marketing

It seems my entire career has been heading in this direction; I went door to door in my neighborhood as a young teen ‘selling’ my babysitting services. Which then continued with my young charges, as any parent knows!

Then an tremendously successful experience at McDonald’s where I learned the power of service with a smile that led to a sales record for the store.

A few more sales related jobs, a switch into marketing for many years, and back to sales where I had the good fortune to be trained by a Huthwaite consultant in the UK.

Those SPIN selling skills were polished off by Xerox in the US, and have been honed working with clients in B2B and B2C arenas around the globe.

This Canadian has lived and worked in three different English speaking nations (none of whom actually speak the same language) and now calls the Washington, DC area home.

Selling and Service Go Hand in Hand

Clients say my programs are so effective because I make everything relevant to each individual's job role.

People leave my programs with a higher degree of sales confidence, the eagerness to initiate more connections, and an understanding of how they contribute to their employer’s success.

And that energy and enthusiasm is contagious; my workshops are consistently rated at 4 and 5 stars.

But I’m not all sales, all the time. I write a monthly style blog as The Stylish Marketer, enjoy running and cycling (I finally have a bike that fits!), and am dreaming of the day my children are independent enough that I can wander the globe once more.

Could your business benefit from more client connection?