When you train all of your customer facing employees in basic sales skills, you not only give yourself a competitive advantage, you set your team up for continued success.

Having difficulty converting leads into sales?

That’s a sales confidence issue.

Sales growth and profits stagnating?

Here’s how to increase client retention, increase sales and lower costs of acquisition.

Need to increase revenue, repeat business and referrals?

Make sales about service.

When you give your non-sales people the ability to connect with customers in a new way, you’ll find the revenue hidden in plain sight. Now watch your profits rise!

Training for YOUR Non-Sales Team

Everyone's business is a little different. And every team brings its own personality and sales challenges. That's why my workshops are customized to your business’s specific development needs. And they're delivered on-site for optimal convenience and maximum effectiveness.

I engage with individuals so they can engage with more potential customers. And my energetic delivery style keeps everyone on their toes.

Does sales training for non-sales people really work?

Oh yes! How can it not? Anytime you show someone how to improve their skills by connecting service to selling you’re uncovering the revenue opportunities hidden in plain sight.

But I take it a step further. Every workshop participant has the opportunity to reinforce their new skills with two further role play sessions, and ongoing sales tips delivered direct to their inboxes. And that maximizes your training ROI.


Convert Leads Into Sales

Retain Clients and Increase Profitability

Increase Revenue, Repeat Business and Referrals

Your entire team should be focused on your revenue and profitability goals. Let’s start talking!

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