Everyone is a salesperson. They just don't know it!

Your employees are talking to customers and potential customers all the time. But how many of them have been trained to look for sales opportunities? Sure, they know 'the customer is always right', and maybe even that their primary role is to serve the customer, but how good are they at identifying potential new business? Customer facing employees are more than just brand ambassadors, they're your front line sales team.

Service is sales.

My in-person sales training programs equip your team with basic sales skills in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. First we dispel the notion that sales is 'slimy', then we talk about what selling really is - and why it's so important that every single employee adopts this mindset.

We’ll define the words that will engage your prospective customers, craft compelling questions for those sales conversations, and role play and practice until everyone is ready to identify, and win, more business with confidence and assurance. And I'll check in regularly too. Refreshers solidify and continue skills improvement so your investment returns even more.


On-Site Sales Training

Sales Consulting


Your entire team should be working towards your revenue goals. Let’s start talking!

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